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Rostered Days Off Policy

Version 1.0 Updated 19 Mar 2018
Policy Manage

Who can use this Policy

This Rostered Days Off Policy can be used by all employers.


This Policy has been prepared to be used in a context where employees are entitled to Rostered Days Off ('RDOs') due to the operation of an industrial instrument, for example an award or enterprise agreement. If you are uncertain about whether having such a Policy is suitable in your particular business’ circumstances, or its interaction with an industrial instrument, it is important to obtain specific advice.

The following is a brief commentary on some aspects of the Policy. It provides some guidance to help you understand the Policy and to assist you in determining which aspects of it need to be tailored for your specific needs.

The concept of RDOs is that employees accumulate an entitlement to an RDO on a regular basis (for example, every 4 weeks) by working a sufficient number of hours on the working days in the relevant period to accrue sufficient time to cover the RDO. For example, an employee may work an extra 24 minutes each working day resulting in the accumulation of 456 minutes (or 7.6 hours) over 19 working days.

A clear Policy can assist employees to understand their entitlements and the procedural requirements that they must comply with. It can also assist in the administration of the RDO system.

When preparing this Policy, it is critical that the Policy does not derogate at all from an employee’s RDO entitlements in an industrial instrument, or other terms applicable to an employee’s employment (such as their contract of employment). However, aspects of the Policy can mirror the RDO provisions in an industrial instrument. In addition, aspects of the Policy can supplement such provisions by setting out internal procedures which relate to the taking of RDOs.

When preparing this Policy, you will need to know which industrial instruments (where relevant) cover the business’ employees and you will need to refer to those industrial instruments to enable you to complete this Policy. If you are unsure of whether employees who are to be covered by this Policy are covered by the terms of an industrial instrument, or if you are unsure of which instrument is relevant, you should seek specific advice.

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