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Staff Training and Development Policy

Version 1.0 Updated 19 Mar 2018
Policy Manage

Who can use this Policy

The Staff Training and Development Policy can policy can be used by all employers.


The Policy provides a framework for increasing the skills and abilities of employees in your organisation. The Policy aims to both improve employees' performance in relation to their current positions and also develop their capabilities for future roles.

The Policy is designed to express general principles and values. You should seek advice if you wish to include more specific detail about training and development programs offered and/or required, study support benefits, record-keeping requirements, career progression models, and performance management systems.

You should ensure that the Policy is applied in a manner consistent with your policies dealing with anti-discrimination and equal employment opportunities. An employee should not be denied training and development opportunities due to their age, sex, family responsibilities or other protected attributes under anti-discrimination legislation. 

The Policy is not expressed to cover contractors. Despite this, you may be required to provide specific training to contractors under occupational/workplace health and safety legislation. For further information, please see our commentary on the OHS/WHS General Policy.

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