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Statement of Service

Version 1.0 Updated 28 Mar 2018
Correspondence Separation

Who can use this correspondence

This correspondence can be used by all employers.


A Statement of Service is a document provided to a departing employee confirming the employee was employed by the business, and provides brief details regarding the employment. These details include the employee’s position, period of service and a summary of the duties performed.

Unlike a Letter of Reference, a statement of service does not give any opinion as to the quality of the service provided by the employee.

In some circumstances an employer will be obliged to provide a statement of service to a departing employee to comply with the requirements of a relevant industrial instrument or a workplace policy or procedure. In other situations, it may be offered to the employee as a "benefit" when trying to negotiate their acceptance of a Deed of Release in circumstances where the cessation of employment is not on amicable terms.

The commentary which accompanies the letter of reference document outlines a range of matters which should be considered in deciding whether to provide a departing employee with a statement of service or a letter of reference.

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