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Workers Compensation Checklist

Version 1.0 Updated 22 Feb 2018
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Who can use this checklist?

This checklist can be used by all employers.


The document contains:

A basic checklist of what to provide to an injured worker when there is an injury in the workplace. The checklist is intended to be used as a guide in relation to immediate actions when there has been an injury. It does not include details of post-injury management or return to work procedures. In the event of an injury an employer should take all actions necessary to ensure the health and safety of its employees — those actions may go beyond the actions contained in the checklist and will be determined on the nature of the injury.

  • A checklist of basic information to be reported to your workers compensation insurer — some insurers may require different or additional information, however it is useful to have all the information in this checklist on hand at the time that the employer notifies its insurer of the injury.
  • A checklist for creating an injury reporting plan — this is a basic list of considerations for an employer preparing an injury reporting plan, being the plan that should be available to employees so that they know what procedure to follow in the event there has been an injury at the workplace. Each OHS authority and some insurers may have particular requirements for an injury reporting plan — this checklist is a starting point for preparation.
  • A checklist for notifying your State’s WHS Statutory Authority. Each State and Territory may have different reporting requirements and timeframes, so the employer should be familiar with its WHS reporting authority and its requirements in relation to notification. This checklist is a basic guide to notifying the employer’s WHS authority, and the powers of workplace inspectors to enter and search the workplace. Union officials may also have a right to enter the workplace to investigate an WHS issue, however, the official must comply with the Fair Work Act right of entry requirements.
  • A checklist for documents which may be requested. This checklist addresses which documents may be requested by workplace inspectors, and what records an employer should keep in relation to the injury and the inspection.
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