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Working Away from Home Policy

Version 1.1 Updated 3 Jun 2022
Policy Manage

Who can use this policy?

This policy can be used by all employers.


Due to the operational requirements of a business, many employers require employees to work away from their normal place of residence. This could occur as part of a regular roster. Alternatively, it could be due to a special project that the employer is working on.

Regardless of the circumstances, when employees live and work away from home, they may be entitled to additional remuneration to compensate them for additional expenses incurred and any disadvantage suffered because they are living away from their normal place of residence. A large number of modern awards and enterprise agreements contain specific provisions concerning living/working away from home. In particular, they require employers to pay employees a living away from home allowance and other benefits. An employer should always check any applicable modern award or enterprise agreement to determine whether they must pay employees additional benefits when working/living away from home.

Although working/living away from home, employees are still expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and act in the best interests of the employer. If an employee behaves contrary to the ordinary behavioural and performance expectations in the workplace, an employer can take appropriate disciplinary action against them.

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