Award Wage Service

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Giving your employees the correct pay and entitlements is a critical employer obligation. Subscribe to our Award Wage Guide email alerts and be confident about staying up to date with Fair Work changes.



With over 120 Modern Awards, we will help you understand your obligations to your employees when it comes to: 

  • Leave entitlements
  • Minimum pay rates
  • Types of employment
  • Overtime 
  • Penalty rates
  • Allowances

Every year there are thousands of Fair Work claims in Australia. You can protect your business and avoid costly penalties and court proceedings by staying up to date with the current and changing obligations for your employees’ pay and entitlements.

If there is a change to minimum pay rates for one of your employees, not being up to date with your obligations can leave your business and staff exposed. With the Award Wage Service, you can subscribe to Awards to receive an email notification about changes to pay and entitlements that will help you stay compliant over time.

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