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How long should you keep workers comp records?

What are an employer’s legal obligations when it comes to keeping workers compensation records?

20 March 2023

It's compulsory for employers to take out workers compensation insurance for employees, and to comply with the various rules and laws. But how long do you need to keep workers' comp records?

Workers compensation records

General employee records can be destroyed after seven years. However, for workers compensation, it's different. As this employment condition is subject to the relevant state or territory workers compensation legislation, the length of time required to keep such records may vary, depending on the jurisdiction.

Generally, workers compensation legislation requires an employer to keep records that relate to the calculation of premiums.

For example, the Workers Compensation Act 1987 [NSW] provides that an employer must keep correct records of all wages paid to workers employed by the employer; the trade, occupation, or calling of each worker, and other matters relating to those wages relevant to the calculation of premiums under policies of insurance, for a period of five years.

Employee records

Employers are also required to keep the following types of employment-related records:

  • general employment records
  • pay
  • overtime
  • averaging of hours
  • guarantee of annual earnings
  • individual flexibility arrangements
  • leave records
  • superannuation
  • termination of employment
  • taxation
  • payslips
  • workers compensation
  • occupational health and safety
  • personnel records, and
  • child support deductions. 

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